Links and resources

Useful websites

My University of Auckland profile

The University of Auckland Scientific Reserves Check out the beautiful research sites owned by the university close to the city of Auckland.

Kauri dieback website Keep kauri standing! Find out about PTA and how to prevent the spread of this soil pathogen that kills kauri.

Drought in New Zealand Drought is a reduction in rainfall. What does this mean for New Zealand’s natural and agricultural ecosystems?

Climate change IPCC AR5 Find out the latest on climate change in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 5th Assessment Report. Peer reviewed science for a changing world.

The Living Tree Company Helping us get to the canopy for our research.

Recent media coverage

Blog post on Infrequently Asked Questions on kauri and climate change

How will kauri survive drought? One News video segment.

Giant kauri trees and climate change. Our Changing World podcast.

bFM radio interview on kauri and climate change.

The Marsden Fund funding highlights for 2012.

Women in Science

Gender inclusive policies are better than special policies for women. University of Venus blog post


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