Cate at Huapai

At Huapai Scientific Reserve

Dr Cate Macinnis-Ng

I am a plant ecophysiologist and ecohydrologist and I investigate the mechanisms of plant interactions with the environment with an emphasis on plant water use. Climate change influences fluxes of carbon and water across the globe. I measure productivity and water use of native ecosystems in the field and use mechanistic models to simulate the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum. Specifically, my work involves quantifying carbon sequestration in native forests, managing water resources during dry periods, determining plant responses to climate change and the potential of plants in climate change mitigation. My research is vital for conservation of New Zealand’s endemic plant species in a changing environment. Water stress is not often considered in NZ plants because annual rainfalls are generally high but as summer droughts become longer and drier, seasonal water scarcity will become an issue for native vegetation.


Dr Daniel Taylor

Current students

Julia Kaplick (PhD)

Sridevi Ravi (PhD)

Tshegofatso Chilume (MSc)

Recently completed

Dr Sarah Wyse (recently moved to Kew Gardens)

Katie Seward (MSc)

Cynthia Karikala (Hons)


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